Grand Master O'Kelly
Grand Master Jonathan O'Kelly is a 7th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, a certified instructor and national referee. He is the head instructor in the District of Columbia and Maryland for the Pan American Taekwondo Federation and a member of the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

He has been practicing Taekwondo since 1974 and has been teaching since 1981. He has taught thousands of students and has promoted more than 800 Black Belts, sixteen to 4th degree Master.

Grand Master O'Kelly is a 2nd degree instructor of Hapkido and a pioneer in Cardio Kickboxing.


Lidia O'Kelly
Master Lidia O'Kelly is a 5th Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do and Instructor Certified by the Pan American Tae Kwon Do Federation. She has been studying martial arts since 1992 in Guilderland, New York. She received a Silver Medal at the AAU National Championship in Toledo, Ohio in the summer of 1994. During 1996 and 1998, she received certificates from the International Combat Hapkido Federation under Grand Master John Pellegrini.

She moved to Washington, DC in 1997. In 1998 she joined the Hung Tao Choy Mei Kung Fu Academy. During her studies in the Jow Ga Kung Fu system she traveled to China and Singapore in 1999 to compete at the 1st International Zhou Jia Quan Wushu tournament, where she won a silver medal. In 2002, she helped to establish the Northeast Tae Kwon Do School in the Washington, DC area.

Christopher Crawford
Master Chris "CJ" Crawford has studied under Grandmaster O'Kelly since 2004 and currently holds the rank of 4th degree Black Belt. He is a certified instructor through the Pan American Taekwondo Federation and a certified coach with the Amateur Athletic Union. Mstr. Crawford is the Program Director at the main school, and the full time Taekwondo instructor for Basis Public Charter School in Washington, DC, where he also runs an extracurricular Taekwondo school. Mstr. Crawford also has experience in Hapkido, Aikido and Muay Thai.

Nathan Hagood
Master Nathan Hagood began his Taekwondo training under Grandmaster Jon O'Kelly at the age of 14 and currently holds a 4th degree Black Belt. Mstr. Hagood is an accomplished tournament competitor having won numerous trophies and medals for forms, point sparring and Olympic sparring at the Maryland AAU Championships in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009. His hobbies are built around fitness, swimming, Taekwondo, weight liftting, cycling and cooking. He is graduate of the Art Inst of Washington as a culinary major.

Lindsay Robinson
Master Lindsay Robinson has been studying martial arts under the direction of Grandmaster O'Kelly since 2003. He currently holds a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He has coached and participated in Amateur Athletic Union competition. He has assisted with instructing kids at Tyler, St. Peter, Capitol Hill and Brent schools. He is currently the head instuctor at the Beauvoir National Cathedral Elementary School Enrichment Program. Mstr. Robinson has worked in the Everybody Wins reading program and is a former President of the Norfolk State University Alumni Association Washington, DC Chapter.


David Winter
Dr. David Winter has been a student of martial arts for over 30 years. In addition to his 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, he has studied Kumdo (Korean sword), Wing Chun Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, and Jujitsu. He has studied under both the World Taekwondo Federation and the International Taekwondo Federation, and has blended the styles over the years to find a balance for his own practice and teaching. Dr. Winter has taught Taekwondo in both the United States and Europe starting back in 1984, and has published on the physics and body mechanics of Taekwondo in Totally Taekwondo Magazine.

In 2011, Dr. Winter began studying Kumdo, the Art of Korean Sword, under Grand Master H.W. Kim, founder of the Korean Kumdo Federation. He is a now a certified instructor, and teaches at Kumdo in Maryland and Washington DC.

In addition to martial arts, Dr. Winter races and coaches Chinese Dragon Boats. He has twice been selected as a member of the US National Team, and has medaled in three world championships.


Phoebe Smith
Ms. Smith started her Taekwondo education at Northeast Taekwondo in 2009, after a year of longingly watching her son’s classes. She currently holds a third degree black belt, and has been teaching under Grand Master O’Kelly’s guidance at after school programs on Capitol Hill since 2013. She has competed in a small handful of taekwondo tournaments. Her athletic career before her foray into martial arts included wrestling, gymnastics, running, rowing, weightlifting, and cycling. When not trying to look big and scary, 5’3”, 120lb Smith runs a boutique graphic design firm on Capitol Hill.